How to use our online workouts

I put together a little step by step video guide of how to use our online workouts on

Free Members will be able to benefit from Direct Exercise’s fantastic features which include: choosing online workouts according to goals, logging activities, viewing and sharing progress, and keeping a before and after photo diary. Content on the site is user-rated, meaning that members are given control in the moderation process of the content, ultimately allowing the website to be more social and community focused.

Personal Trainers who choose a Premium Membership take full advantage of our added features will be able to build bespoke exercise programmes, upload video tutorials, post articles, share their experience and expertise and make it available to everyone on Direct Exercise. This will allow them to offer more services and added value to their existing clients and prospect. In due time I will post a step by step guide of how to build programs.

In the meantime, please enjoy the video and don't be shy to share it with everyone who has an interest in health and fitness.

For more information please tweet me @stephanfitness.

Stephan Konrad

Managing Director of