Don't underestimate the power of Facebook

Part 4 of Generating leads for your fitness business

In Part 3: Use Twitter to generate leads I spoke about the 2nd biggest social media site on the internet and how you can use it to increase interested of your business.

Today I will speak about the mighty Facebook with 1.55 billion active users, you can't afford to ignore it as an opportunity to generate leads for your fitness business.

A lot of people are getting a little fed-up with Facebook but the figure speak for themselves.

The first thing you need to do as a business owner is to separate your personal life with your professional one. However, you can still use both to promote your services.

To keep the separation you need to create a Facebook page for your business. Always bear in mind a simple rule: 'You can share the content of your Facebook page on your personal account but don't share your personal content on your Facebook page unless it is related to your business'

Use your Facebook page to share content from your blog. Your blog should be your ultimate content resource and your social sites should be used as a channel to distribute your content and increase traffic to your blog/website.

Text, blog posts and images from your other channels are fine, however I recommend you don't post YouTube video-links on Facebook and upload your videos directly to Facebook instead. Here are the reasons:

  • Facebook videos auto-play YouTube videos don't. You might think this is a minor factor, but it has a massive advantage on engaging your followers. Moving images are far more interesting than non moving ones.
  • YouTube shares on Facebook appear a little like a blog post. Small thumbnail to the left with a massive 'play' button covering it and the description right next to it. It just doesn't look as cool as a Facebook video.
  • A Facebook video will tell you how many times it has been viewed and it's displayed to your audience. This is quite important and promotes 'social proof'.
  • What is 'social proof'? 'Social proof, also known as informational social influence, is a psychological phenomenon where people assume the actions of others in an attempt to reflect correct behavior for a given situation.' - Excerpt from Wikipedia. Here is an example to explain it in simple terms: 'People tend to choose a restaurant that is busy over a restaurant that isn't'

Whenever you share something on your Facebook page it will appear on the timelines of the people that have liked your page. The beauty of Facebook pages is that it gives you great insights of the traffic and interactions your receive. This will allow you to assess your post's effectiveness. How many people liked it, viewed and shared it. Sharing is the most important aspect. Are your posts 'shareable'?

As mentioned in my previous posts the headline is the most important part of your post. People are scanners and if the headline doesn't engage them then it doesn't matter how great your content is. Try to look out for headlines that engage you next time you scan through your timeline.

After a while you get a feel for it and you'll figure out what type of headlines and content are shared by your loyal followers.

The other advantage of Facebook pages is that you can boost your posts. Yes this costs a little bit of money, but if you want to speed up the process of increasing traffic and generating more leads this is definitely the way to go. Boosting your posts allows you to target your specific audience, by selecting the age-range, sex and their interests. Start off by experimenting with it a little first. After a while you'll see a pattern of the type of people who like your content and most importantly share you content.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and please leave a comment on this post or simply say hello. Next I will talk about how to generate leads with LinkedIn.

Stephan Konrad

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