Why Direct Exercise uses ‘Markdown’

Markdown allows you to add some flair to your content, making it more inviting for visitors.

There are two areas in Direct Exercise where you can apply Markdown formatting, namely the ‘Article’ and ‘About’ sections for the Premium Members.

As with everything we do, there is a good reason why we give our Premium Members this option.

Besides the visually more appealing benefit, you can add links.

Our little tip and advice is to add PayPal product buttons to your content, thus being able to sell bespoke direct exercise workouts and other things you may have in your locker.

Just another way of how we help Fitness Professionals make the world a fitter place.

If you are wondering how so?

It’s rather simple, when a Fitness Professional has the opportunity to earn an extra income then he/she can sustain to run a successful business enabling them to help more people and continue doing so.

If you need any help with setting up your own PayPal product buttons and how to make it work with Direct Exercise, pease contact us on