UK’s first recognised Online Coaching Workshop for fitness professionals

“Online coaching is applying health and fitness proficiency using media such as web applications and videos to coach clients over the internet.” - Direct Exercise’s definition of Online Coaching

We well and truly live in a digital age and most people can’t imagine life without a smartphone. Online coaching is trending on social media and with success stories like Joe Wicks, fitness professionals don’t want to be left behind.

Direct Exercise has recognised this phenomenon and developed a comprehensive online coaching platform specifically for fitness professionals.

Nothing will ever replace traditional face to face training. However, with the use of the internet and technology, fitness professionals will be able to offer a modern and more efficient way of training existing face to face clients as well as reaching others who prefer to train on their own but would like the help of a professional no matter where they are.

Although we live in a digital age, many still find the online world overwhelming and struggle with basic IT skills. Therefore, Direct Exercise has worked really hard at producing an extensive and very useful Online Coaching Workshop. The first of it’s kind in the UK!

As a result, the Online Coaching Workshop has received an endorsement and professional recognition from Active IQ. To top it off, CIMSPA made Direct Exercise an officially Skills Development Partner. This allows Direct Exercise to award ‘4 Developmental CIMSPA CPD points’ to all Online Coaching Workshop attendees.

Direct Exercise already has an agreement with Southdowns College to deliver the Online Coaching Workshop for their fitness students and Direct Exercise intends to get many other colleges, universities and sport centres on board.

The Online Coaching Workshop will be a game changer for fitness professionals and Direct Exercise is very excited to be able to contribute to their success.