Revolutionary new method of building online workouts

This is a step by step guide of how to build your very own personalised online workouts on Enjoy!

  1. Login With your Details. For more information on how to sign up please click here.
  2. Select Programs from the top menu.
  3. Select My Programs.
  4. Select Add Program…
  5. Fill out the details & I recommend you add an introductory video.
  6. Select Who can see this Program?
  7. Either select Any member of the site (public). Public programs are great brand building and advertising tools
  8. Or select Only the following members (restricted). This is a great feature for when you sell bespoke programs to your clients and they want to keep the program for themselves (understandably).
  9. Select Create Program
  10. Select Add Exercise…
  11. Select a Video…
  12. Select Add Video… You want to add your own videos so that people get to know you and trust you. Remember you are your brand.
  13. Enter your Video URL and select Test. Please ensure these are YouTube urls (links). If you haven't got a YouTube channel yet, set one up now! Click here for instructions
  14. Write a Description
  15. Add the Tags. Tags are similar to Keywords e.g.: Biceps, Full body workout, fat burner, online workouts etc...
  16. Select Add Video
  17. Select Section
  18. Select Warmup
  19. Select the variable Duration (Time)
  20. Select Add Variable… Here you have an array of option making this very comprehensible and flexible.
  21. Select Create Exercise
  22. Repeat previous steps for the other sections
  23. Select Complete Program
  24. Select Keep as Draft if you want to edit it later.
  25. Select Publish Program when happy
  26. Once it’s published you cannot make any changes (for technical reasons)

For any questions please leave a comment or send me a tweet @stephanfitness

Stephan Konrad

Managing Director of