Generating leads for your fitness business

A 10 Part series of how to generate more leads and gain potential new clients

Part 1: Offer something of value

As a Personal Trainer it is very hard to start and run your own business in the fitness industry. The market is flooded with qualified instructors and everyone wants a slice of the cake.

So how can you generate more leads when the competition is so big and strong?

You need to offer something of value! In the past, marketing and sales was different; it was mainly about cold calls and hard sales. Nowadays people get put off by it and usually don’t engage with companies or sales people who use these methods.

We shop differently. Mostly people search the internet for a product or service, then compare features, prices and reviews before they make a decision to buy. They also consider the recommendation from a friend.

Therefore it is important to give as much information about your services as possible and I’m not talking about listing all your skills and training methods. People look for something they can use and implement easily in their busy lives. They look for value.

Here are a few examples:

  • “The top 5 best post-workout shakes”
  • “Exercises that firm your bottom”
  • “How to get ready for a holiday”
  • “Introduction to intermittent fasting, a different approach to dieting”
  • “Free nutrition workshop at your local community centre”
  • “Video of how to perform the perfect deadlift”

These are examples of posts people love to read and use. They can have a positive impact on their lives and influence them.

You are probably thinking right now “How can this generate more lead?”

We live in the digital age and people love to talk and share on social sites. If they find something of value and interesting they will share it. The beauty about this is that your posts will lead back to your site, which generates more traffic. Once people are on your site or blog, they might find other interesting posts, start getting to know you a little bit more and might stumble across your services section.

Although this methods requires time and effort, the more you give the more likely you are to receive.

It is also very important to engage and interact with your visitors or enquirers. Give them the information they want and need and never push a sale. Gain their trust and after a while they might enquire about your Personal Training skills.

Please comment and get in touch for more information about ‘Offering something of value’.

Next week I will talk be about ‘How to generate more leads with a blog’ in Part 2 of Generating leads for my fitness business.