Use Twitter to generate leads

Part 3 of Generating leads for your fitness business

In Part 2: How to use a blog to generate more leads I spoke about how useful versatile a blog is. Twitter is a platform on which you can, what they call 'Microblog'. It's called that way because you are limited to 140 characters. This means you are clearly limited on what you can post unlike a blog.

The power of twitter is that everything on twitter becomes realtime, almost like a messenger service.

Before I continue talking about how to use twitter for your fitness business, I'll explain a few basic terminologies of twitter.

  • Tweet: A tweet is the microblog or text that you post.
  • Follower: A follower is a person who can see your tweets on his twitter timeline.
  • Twitter timeline: The twitter timeline is located on your twitter home page and is a collection of all the tweets of the people you are following and is ordered according to date and time with the latest being on top of the timeline.
  • Following: You can follow anyone on twitter you are interested in. Many follow celebrities and profiles of people who specialise in any of your interests. As a Personal Trainer you probably want to follow a supplement brand and me ;-) for example.
  • Retweet: A Retweet is a tweet that you have found on your timeline and would like to share with your followers.
  • Like: You can like any tweets you are interested in and they are placed in your like list on your profile.
  • Reply: Replying to a tweet enters you into a conversation with the publisher of the tweet.
  • Hashtag: A word or phrase preceded by a hash sign (#), used on Twitter to identify messages on a specific topic

Now that you know the basics about twitter I'll let you know how you can use it to generate leads.

Use twitter to share every content you publish on your blog and other social sites and always include relevant hashtags. You can't hashtag every word or term; they need to be trending on twitter at the given time(realtime). Luckily twitter supplies examples in a dropdown list of trending hashtags as soon as you start typing "#". One hashtag that I use and it seems to be trending all the time is #personaltrainer. People who search that term can find your tweet.

Things you should be tweeting as a personal trainer

  • Your workouts: People like to see and learn about what the trainer does. It's also a good method to motivate and inspire existing clients and prospects. Include hashtags such as #chestday if it's available or #workout which is normally trending.
  • Your client's workouts: Try to tag your clients in your tweet if they are on twitter. You can do this by simply including their twitter user name which starts with the '@' symbol. Don't forget the hashtags.
  • Your results and achievements: For the same reason you tweet about your workouts
  • Your client's results and achievements: Now this is very powerful, especially when you have before and after photos. It proves to your followers you know what you are doing. Your clients will share their success with their followers, friends and family and create word of mouth about your services. That's free advertising.
  • Supplements: These should be the supplements you are using and recommending to your clients. Post about special offers they have and review them. Explain their purpose and benefits.
  • Exercises: Ideally have a video taking of you performing the exercise. You can either talk in the video or you can write about it in a blog. Include things like teaching points, muscle groups(don't use fancy words) and the benefits.
  • Meal plans and recipes: Tweeting about healthy food options and specific diet related meals will give your followers, existing clients and prospect information and inspiration about what to cook and eat.
  • Events and services updates: Promote any events or new services you are running.

Tweeting is only half the job when it comes to generating leads. The most important part is to interact and engage with your followers. Because it is realtime you need to check your twitter account regularly and have the app notify you of any messages and notifications. Give your followers the information they want and build relationships. Please read my post about 'Rapport: Build that essential relationship with your client' for more information.

Search twitter's trending hashtags and look for tweets you can comment on them positively. Use pictures and videos to grab their attention and provide valuable content. This way you can build your followers base and generate more leads.

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Next time I will talk about 'How to use Facebook to generate leads'

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