"Applied" knowledge is power

Knowledge means nothing if you don't use it. Applied Knowledge is Power!

This quote basically says it all. However, I would like to expand on it a little.

Far too often are people consumed and obsessed with gaining knowledge through studying and reading but don't apply what they have learned or at least don't apply it correctly.

As an example, a lot of Personal Trainers like to read up on anatomy & physiology and have amazing knowledge in that area. Some PTs make the common mistake and use jargon to train their clients, who mostly don't understand it and quite frankly don't care! There is always an exception to the norm, but it is not an effective way of training your clients.

Instead, use language they understand and think about what they want out of the session.

Most clients are after one thing: 'RESULTS!'

Think of ways to apply your knowledge your clients will value. Here are some examples

  • You are performing this exercise because it will strengthen your core, which will lead to a flatter stomach.
  • It is very important to squat correctly to engage muscles in your buttocks to make it nice and firm!
  • Interval training is a great way to speed up your metabolism, to improve your fitness levels and it works wonders for weight-loss.
  • I know it is difficult but remember your goals, visualise it and feel it.

I hope you enjoyed my short-post. Please comment with other suggestions or experiences of how you apply your knowledge.

Stephan Konrad

Managing Director of