Top 10 powerful LinkedIn leads generators

This is Part 5 of Generating leads for your fitness business. Part 4 was all about Facebook.

LinkedIn is the professional social media platform and needs to be treated and used that way, otherwise you'll burn bridges from the start. LinkedIn's users have created a culture with unwritten rules that contrasts those of Facebook's.

Here are the Top 10 powerful LinkedIn leads generators:

1. Complete your Profile

Your LinkedIn profiles acts as your CV and therefore needs to be taken seriously. Employers and prospects will read and study your profile before making contact with you. Make sure you take your time, give as much information as you can and make it look professional.

2. Connections

First you need to request connections from people you already know, especially existing clients. Have your profile set to 'open' so others can easily request to connect with you. The best way to grow your connections is to ask people if they want to connect on LinkedIn through your other social sites and if you can to ask them in person.

3. Recommendations

These are very important! Try to get as many recommendations on your LinkedIn profile as soon as possible. People love to read reviews, testimonials and recommendations during their buying cycle. Ask your clients to tell their story when they recommend you rather than just complementing on your abilities.

4. Join Groups

There are thousands of groups on LinkedIn. Be smart about which ones you join. As a personal trainer you are looking for local groups that have members who fit in your key audience. I spoke a little about the 'key audience' in my post How to use a blog to generate more leads, Part 1 of this series.

5. Publish posts

Use LinkedIn as another channel to distribute the posts you have written for your blog. If you don't have a blog then now is a good time to get one. Please read my post Save money and build your own website!. Use older posts to reignite them and drive more traffic to your site. If you use your latest posts they can conflict and even take traffic from your website.

6. Upload slides on SlideShare

SlideShare is another product from LinkedIn and pretty much allows you to upload your presentations. This is a great tool to use existing posts, turn them into slideshows and upload them. The nice thing about slideshows is that you can export them as videos as well, creating content for another distribution channel 'YouTube' which I will talk about in Part 6 of Generating leads for your fitness business. Watch this space!

7. Endorsements

Endorsements are funny old things on LinkedIn. I have connections with people I have never met or communicated with and they endorsed me for skills I have. Anyway, endorsing others helps you being endorsed, too. They are listed on your profile and help you look more credible. So don't be shy to ask for them from you connections especially your clients.

8. Updates

Updates work very similar to other social sites. But be warned, people on LinkedIn are not interested in your personal life and funny memes. Use it to share your content, your latest post, information about your services(that are of value off course) and articles that you found on the net you believe your audience will benefit from.

9. Messaging

The LinkedIn community is very strict when it comes to direct messages. People on there absolutely hate it when they get a sales pitch the second they have confirmed a connection. Don't be that person! Nowadays it's all about building relationships and you wouldn't pitch to someone you have just met face to face, now would you? Only send messages to people you want to build a rapport with. Please read my post about Rapport: Build that essential relationship with your client for more information.

10. Interact

Although this is point ten in the list it probably is the most important one to generate leads. I left it for last because you need to make sure you have the other points covered before you start truly interacting with people on LinkedIn. The best place to start are the in groups you have joined. Read the discussion and only comment or start a new one if you have anything of value to offer. Always be positive and selfless. Never expect anything in return and intend to truly help people rather than intending to make a sale or get a new client. This can be frustrating at times because it takes time, but is so worth it in the long run and it will pay off in the end.

I hope you have enjoyed my post and please comment on it if you have any questions or even disagree with me. Please remember sharing is caring :-)

Stephan Konrad

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