Legs & Core conditioning


Program by: stephanfitness

Tags: legs, cores, abs, conditioning, skiing

I put this program together to improve muscle endurance and strength for skiing. It's based on a giant set training method. This mean you execute each exercise once, back to back, rest and repeat. Enjoy! #iwill @stephanfitness

jogging on the spot 1min 30sec Duration
kick backs 1min 30sec Duration
squats into calf raises Reps | Sets
alternating forward lunges Reps | Sets
hip thrusts Reps | Sets
horizontal leg raises Reps | Sets
the plank extended arms Duration | Sets
knee raises Reps | Sets
dorsal raises hands to the back Reps | Sets
horizontal side crunches Reps | Sets
standing hamstring stretch Duration | Sets
kneeling quad stretch Duration | Sets

Please contact me for any help on stephan@directexercise.com